Creating a quick Cordova App off of your website

So I was tasked with coming up with a prototype App that could theoretically get published to the app store rapidly. I found a quick and dirty solution here (props to Diego Poza for a quick and concise guide). So obviously with Cordova you can handle doing lots of native device functionality but in this case we just wanted to put our responsive web application in app form. Diego gives you a quick way of doing this through Cordova.

Web View Cordova

So some of the pros of this is obviously you don’t really have to go and develop a app, you can quickly throw something like this together in a day (including splash images and the app icon) then just publish it to the app store. I personally find it a bit gimmicky because all it really does is open the app, then redirect you to the devices browser where you can then see the web page. Think this can be expanded out to at least have an in app browser perhaps…